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Example: High-Summer Weekly Harvest Share

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The way it works is a customer buys all his produce from the farmer for the entire season at the beginning of the year, then just picks it up weekly during the growing season. This allows the farmer to secure a portion of his business before the season starts, and it gives the customer an easy way to buy his local food for the whole season.

We are looking for a few good folks who would like to partner with us and eat the freshest seasonal veggies this year. Unlike shopping at the grocery, joining our CSA  creates a direct partnership between us (the growers) and you (the eater). We are committed to growing the freshest, most flavorful and diverse fruits and vegetables for 18 weeks starting in June-October. Sign up and you will receive a weekly share of the harvest including all your favorite produce, and some you may not have had a chance to try before. Its a fun and delicious way to connect with your local food grower!

We have a Large and Small size share to accommodate different households.

Small – $265 (includes tax & delivery to Pick-up Site)

-This breaks down to about $12 of produce per week. (5-6 items)

Large – $455 (includes tax & delivery to Pick-up Site)

-This breaks down to about $22 of produce per week. (8-10 items)

Workshare CSA Members

No work is required on the farm as a regular CSA member, however for a few folks who have experience in the field and would like to ‘work off’ their share, we offer a free Workshare. There are allotted hours required for Large and Small shares that need to be fulfilled over the course of the season and usually in blocks of 2-4 hours. Members pick up shares with regular members and enjoy all the benefits of a regular share. While we welcome families to be involved, we are unable to allow children under the age of 15 to participate in a Workshare shift because of safety reasons. Please contact Ashley directly if interested in a Workshare and for more information.

Workplace/Group CSA Members

If you are interested in a CSA share, but can’t get to a pick-up site, we will drop off shares at locations with 10 or more members! Wouldn’t it be great if you could conveniently pick-up your share at your workplace, your church, or community center? MMG works directly with a coordinator at each site to come up with a custom, convenient and consistent weekly drop-off time. If this something you’d like to do, contact us. Please do not signup until the required minimum member per location is met.

Word of Mouth

Here’s what some of our members have said about being a part of our CSA:

Great way to try new things and it is always wonderful to eat fresh produce.

Loved the variety. Your shares were generous.

I am really glad we did it. My husband and I ate more vegetables than we normally would and we were able to provide lots of fresh veggies to our baby.

I really enjoyed eating fresh vegetables all spring/summer/fall as well as knowing I was helping out the local farming community. I was very pleased with my first year participating with a CSA and definitely would like to do it again next year.

I wanted local vegetables, plus it was nice knowing the Malcolm’s personally and where the veggies were coming from. The price is comparable to the grocery store so it was an easy decision.

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